Town Hall Summary - 12/08/21

Season 0

We just kicked off Season 0 Early Contributor program. You can find our official announcement post about it here.

The main updates for Season 0 are:

  • New Early Contributor Role
  • Bounty Board
  • Pre-Season Compensation

Let’s dive in!

Early Contributors

We’ve changed the “Contributor” role to “Early Contributor”, this role is solely for people who contribute to season 0.

To receive this role all you need to do is complete a bounty from the Bounty Board

Bounty Board

Check out the Bounty Board linked above and find a task that fits your skillset. There are all kinds of ways to start working with PubDAO.

We suggest checking out the onboarding task titled “Amplification Article”, if you’re a writer, this is a simple way to onboard yourself into the DAO and become familiar with how things work around here!

Pre-season contribution

Once you have the Early Contributor role, meaning that you’ve completed a task on the bounty board, reach out to a DAO team member and DM them your public ETH address so we can add you to our Coordinape account.

Coordinape is what we use to keep track of who has been contributing to the DAO. For each bounty you’re given points. Season 0 will have a sum of tokens allocated to it for compensation, and the amount of points you earn determines what % of the total token allocation you receive once our governance token goes live!

Proposals in Development

If you have the early contributor role, please request access to our governance forum. We have one of our first product proposals going up for vote and would love your feedback!

Current Proposal:

Lauren from DeveloperDAO built a site called Cryptofilter: a curated feed of crypto related news articles

How it works: curators post articles they like and are rewarded in tokens, the more curators that post certain authors, the more points those authors get. This will allow us to identify strong writers, and reward the community for helping curate quality content.

The current proposal is to create a version of Cryptofilter for PubDAO to use internally to curate content and identify top authors in the space.

PubDAO members will be able to own tokens for curating content to the platform.

Content Pivot

We initially were focusing on journalistic articles for PubDAO to create and curate, however after gauging interest from the community, we think we should open this up to be more research oriented, amplification-focused, and sponsored content/writing as a service.

Research oriented content will be for internal pubdao publications (PubDAO blog, newsletter, etc), and sponsored content is paid writing gigs from external clients who want exposure for their product, or that simply want help crafting content for their brands.

We’ve added the option for each writer to complete one Amplification Article for PubDAO as well. An amplification article (can be found in the bounty board, highlighted in yellow) is an article you write about PubDAO, and why you’re excited to join it-- to be published in any publication of your choosing. Whether that’s your own personal blog, or just your LinkedIn. The purpose of the amplification article is to be an introductory task to help you become familiar with how PubDAO works!