Proposal - Weekly Theme Cycles


The following is a proposal for a new contributor structure, a new role, and a compensation method for contributors.


Weekly Theme Cycles

In this structure, editors pick a weekly theme and share it with contributors in the #story-ideas channel. Contributors then submit pitches based on the themes. Editors approve pitches and work with contributors on the story. Once the story is ready, the editor shares a read-only version of the story in #ready-to-publish.

How to implement

Roles Involved

Editors (New Role): editors collaborate with contributors and edit articles before pushing them to the #ready-to-publish channel. For now the Editorial Board will consist of Cammy, Joon, and Dan. Ultimately there will be a governance process for determining who is on the board.

Contributors: contributors submit pitches and create articles once pitches are approved by editors.


Contributors have read and write permissions for #story-ideas, and read-only for #ready-to-publish.

Editors have the ability to create, edit, and archive threads in #story-ideas. Contributors do not. Editors have write permission in #ready-to-publish, while Contributors have read-only permissions for this channel.


  • An editor supplied weekly theme is shared as an embedded post in #story-ideas every Friday by 12pm ET
  • Contributors submit pitches in #story-ideas
  • Editors convert accepted pitches to threads, using following thread naming template: #short-story-descriptor-slug (@username of editor approving the pitch)
  • Editors decide when a story is ready, and when it is, share it as a read-only Google Doc in #ready-to-publish with appropriate metadata (embargo, any other requirements)

Token incentives/compensation

Each cycle, the first cycle being cycle 0, will have a specific amount of points allocated to it. These points will be used to determine the per-member split of Season 0 token rewards amongst those who contribute during the cycle.

As a design target, the individuals should not receive more than 35,000 tokens across the Season 0 rewards period.l. Advisors and Internal Decrypt team members are ineligible to receive retroactive token rewards at this point.

Qualification criteria: a contributor is entitled to a token reward if their name is in the byline of an article published via PubDAO. Editors are entitled to a token reward if they edited an article and pushed it to #ready-to-publish.

Allocation method: earned tokens will be added to the initial distribution snapshot and be claimable as part of the upcoming token airdrop.