Proposal: Use to filter, onboard + credentialize PubDAO contributors

Author: Lauren Garcia
Created Date: 2021-12-07
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PubDAO is building a marketplace for commissioning high-quality sponsored content authored by subject matter experts. To start, the DAO needs an onboarding funnel that can efficiently filter for good Author candidates. has a Leaderboard that has been running for a little over a year that can handle the administrative parts of the filtering process via “Curation”.

Currently consists of mostly off-chain pieces that utilize gasless Metamask wallet signatures to ensure that only vetted Curators are posting links to chosen articles. The Author of each piece of curated content is awarded points and ranked on the Leaderboard, and the Curator is awarded points for each piece of content they curated.

This proposal would extend its current functionality to facilitate the PubDAO filtering process:

  • Synchronize “Seasons” across PubDAO <> Leaderboard

  • Allow PubDAO to add Curators of their choice and craft standards for the role

  • Create a landing page for Authors to verify their wallet address (+ possibly a profile/ identity DID - tbd)

  • Help Curators manage permissioned Author NFTs (to issue and revoke NFT credentials, manage metadata) that grant access to the PubDAO editorial guild

Benefits to the DAO

Helps get the PubDAO marketplace flywheel moving by spinning up the “supply” side – the sponsored content creators.


One-time funding:

  • Build landing page for Authors to claim “identity”: verify wallet address (later: create profile/ DID - tbd)
  • Build custom/ permissioned NFT contract on Polygon with off-chain metadata API for tokenURI()

(Est. 1 month of work for the above = $30k in USD, part or all paid in PubDAO tokens)

  • (Small) Retroactive airdrop to past curators and curator applicants (not including myself) for participating and giving feedback on the model

($5k PubDAO tokens split among curators according to Curator’s Leaderboard points)

Ongoing monthly funding:

  • Curators reward (amount varies w points amassed, points : PubDao ratio tbd - pls leave input)
  • Administrative costs (est. $1500/month, payable in PubDAO tokens)

*In the future, admin costs could be mitigated with a technical sprint to automate some of the functions.


Blue boxes to be built with funding from this proposal (gray boxes are already built):


One thing I got stuck on is nomenclature around “Authors”. Should it simply be “Contributors”, and both Curators and Authors are different kinds of Contributors? Noticed the “Contributor” label used on the PubDAO Editorial side. I only use “Author” here because that is the html tag used to scrape names into the Leaderboard.

I think have roles is important here. Curators and Authors make sense. Let’s discuss the token economics here. Perhaps people just contribute their native tokens as tribute rather than pubdao.

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Curious to know more about how this could work.

I really like this approach @lauren, and see many other use cases for this kind of product.

I’m curious about is the use of AWS. Why is that preferred over a service like IPFS?

Yes, there are other use-cases for this kind of product, would like to explore those more in the future as well.

Couple of reasons for using AWS for tokenURI() calls (for now):

  • we’re not entirely sure what metadata will be the most useful, using AWS will make it easy to change/ update it on the fly

  • there’s no pressing need to make this data immutable (yet) like it would be if served up via IPFS-type solution.

Once we’re sure what data is useful to be included, happy to put it on IPFS (or equivalent).

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I think this could work well for PubDAO. It would allow us to manage two otherwise conflicting motivations: the open sourcing and syndicating of public content/goods, and the private monetization of exclusive content.

So as I understand it, PubDAO would be outsourcing its vetting process to cryptofilter, and beyond that cryptofilter could function as a vetting contractor of sorts for other organizations as well.

So would publishers, who wish to set up private pods in PubDAO, be able to rely on cryptofilter for recruiting pod members? Would it be that, in addition to engaging with the PubDAO discord?