Proposal - Naming for DAO / token

Lead: Josh

Determine a name for both the DAO organization and the token.

Though we have been calling this the “DecryptDAO” and the Decrypt Token, those are placeholder names. We’d like to find a name that is nondenominational and will be more inviting to other publishers.

Capturing some of the discussions re: the perfect name.

  1. The name should be easy to say and spell. That makes it easier for people to find. In 1995 I started a website at Time called The Netly News. Too clever by half. How do you spell it? Netley? Nutley?
  2. Ideally, the name we pick will not be quickly outmoded. For that reason, some people were oppose to DAO or Decentralized being part of the name. (Though as you see above, there are plenty of allusions to decentralization in some of the names.)
  3. Personally, I think a short name is way better than a long one.
  4. Bonus points for “epic” names. Time Inc started with TIME, then Fortune and LIFE and People and Money… Those names endures for 100 years.
  5. Think of how the name looks attached to the DAO of the name and the corresponding token.

The Vote
Please pick your favorite.

  • breaking
  • credia (rhymes with Expedia)
  • deforum
  • dwire
  • d.wire
  • deme (rhymes with meme, stands for decentralized media)
  • deet (rhymes with tweets, stands for detail)
  • news.eth
  • pub
  • /pub (pronounced slash pub)
  • voice
  • wireless
  • water cooler

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First-time Discourse user here, hope I’m doing this right! cross-posting this from our DAO Discord channel: Our original list of names for this “decentralized news wire” of sorts were all about decentralization or D or Wire or D wire, but we may be thinking about this too narrowly: the name maybe should reflect the water cooler / open forum / chatting element, the batting around story ideas element, and should not be so literal about it being a wire… whatabout something like Forum DAO (The Forum was the big social hang spot in Rome) or Water Cooler DAO ($COOL) ? another one: Deforum or Dforum (decentralized forum)…

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I like Water Cooler DAO, it feels very web3. Having $COOL as a token symbol is also a nice plus.

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@twittner, can you clean up the original proposal copy (you can edit Luke’s post as admin) and add a poll for the top candidate names—How to Create Polls - faq - Discourse Meta

@rbubs I have tried mightily but am unable to embed/format the poll correctly. What in god’s name am I doing wrong?

we should discuss on the next round pub & /pub as they’re similar and should be counted together IMO. I really like /pub but it creates a bunch of issues when typing it. Also think $PUB is a great token symbol!

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I consider Pub and /pub the same, and ultimately would prefer Pub.DAO or PubDAO or some variant


I originally voted for, but am liking PubDAO more now. If it ends up being close, you can switch my vote(!). Looks like Pub will win tho.

Agree and as usual, my bad. After I hit publish on the poll I tried to go back and delete slash pub but the poll was live and not subject to tampering.

Next time I will know better. Also I forgot to add “Forum” to the list… Apologies to Dan.

I still prefer Water Cooler ($COOL) to Pub, but I’ll be Ok with Pub (but did not like /pub). I like PubDAO ($PUB) – it reminds you both of a pub/bar/watering hole, and of publishing/publication. is there a way to check and make sure token symbol is not taken? unlike the NYSE/Nasdaq, nothing prevents duplicate token symbols (I remember unfortunate repeats during the ICO days) so we should make sure there isn’t any $PUB that has any level of popularity/adoption.

nothing comes up for $PUB in coingecko, so i’d say it’s available.

However I noticed and were registered on Sept 14. I went ahead and am squatting the remaining TLD variants that are interesting for PubDAO as a place holder (they’re super cheap)

But it’s possible someone else is working on a project with this name, or it’s just a decent name and someone is squatting the obvious domains.

This doesn’t change my vote, just fyi

Wireless for me but seems I’m getting difficulty to get what ticker will be cool for that. Maybe $WLS, $WRS $WIRE, $WRLS.

I voted for pub. Love pub for the watering hole / bar reference aside from publisher. “DePub” or “DPub” for decentralized pub.

looks pub has a commanding lead

wired = web 1.0
wireless = web 3.0