Proposal—First DAO Public Channel: #DAO-Tips


There are members of other DAOs that are curious and want to get involved, and we need to give them a place to learn about what we’re doing, and share their news with us.

#DAO-Tips would be a thematic channel for them to share and discuss news, updates, or tips about developments at other DAOs.

Reps from other DAOs publish news, updates, or stories they want coverage on. The channel should be easy to join and have moderated conversation that’s attractive to engaged, connected members of other DAOs.

Implementation Details

Name: #DAO-Tips
Type: Text Channel
Description: Share and discuss news, updates, or tips about developments at other DAOs that Decrypt might want to cover

Types of developments that would be shared here:

  • GnosisZodiac launch
  • FF fundraise
  • Andre’s new NFT platform


We discussed private-vs-public channel. I’m proposing a public channel, and to guide the quality of the conversation in the beginning, we create a “DAO Reps” role and give members with that role permission to post in the channel and increasingly add members to that role.

DAO Reps, Stewards, and Decrypt Core are asked to share news, links, and start interesting threads. If that works, we can host a weekly Stage hangout to discuss news and developments across DAOs with casual/informal interviews with personalities/persons of interest from other groups.

Channel Rules

We’ll likely need to set very clear channel rules and heavily moderate the conversation to remove posts that don’t follow these rules:

  • Please suggest the rules language in replies
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Like this alot, especially since there’s really no space in the industry quite like this specifically for DAOs.